I began working at JES Tech just a few months after they got started. I currently perform the pre-, in- and post-flight renal stone risk assessments on all crewmembers as well as analyze water samples, including those from the International Space Station, for mineral content and organic contamination. What started as a small start-up company composed of logistics personnel, nurses and scientists, has become a leader in scientific support at the Johnson Space Center without the bureaucracy of a large company. By design, JES Tech covers a wide range of interest and expertise, and our company size allows us to be flexible and responsive to our client. The JES Tech management team has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had while allowing me to work independently and without restriction. My career has gone through a few phases during my time here, and I have evolved into a better more complete scientist. Opportunities have arisen elsewhere, but I have always felt the grass remains greener, and the future brighter, where I currently am at JES Tech.

Ed Hudson, PhD
Toxicology & Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

JES Tech has been a joy to work for. They are warm and welcoming to new employees. They have treated me fairly and are very open to my questions and concerns, and always come up with quick resolutions. The management and support staff are awesome, a great support and help create a positive work experience. Thanks JES TECH!

Stephanie Baldwin
Medical Records
Johnson Space Center Clinic

I have been a satisfied JES Tech-er for many years. JES Tech was a small business when I joined the team, and I have watched it triple in size. Through the growth process JES Tech has continued to focus not only on the company, but also on the employees. The owners and staff are very approachable, and they put a lot of thought and effort into company functions, and it shows. I like their personal touch. You’re not just another employee. They take time to know your name, understand your position, acknowledge your accomplishments, and remember your birthday. I look forward to giving JES Tech many more fulfilling years of service.

De’Borah Ryan
Quality Assurance Specialist
Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering – Quality

It is with great pride for me to say that April 26th, 2016 will mark my 10-year anniversary working for JES Tech. JES Tech is not just the name of the company, but also the name of the management team and their support. Not many employees can boast knowing the CEO and President of the company they work for. The whole organization exudes pride in the way their business is handled. Employees are made to feel appreciated, valued and part of the JES Tech team. I am proud to work for my organization.

Chris LeBlanc, RPh
Clinical Pharmacist
Johnson Space Center Clinic

I have been a committed and loyal employee of JES Tech for almost 10 years now and can say it has been an outstanding experience. After over 25 years of military service, I was apprehensive coming to JES Tech, and expected a somewhat stressful transition from what I had been part of for so long. My concerns were clearly unfounded. The manner in which I was received and made to feel like I was part of a team that was committed and loyal to their employees was clearly evident immediately. The support and genuine concern to meet my needs in order to complete my assigned duties was communicated from the get-go. The door is always open and their appreciation for their employees is one of the attributes JES Tech is known for. I am proud to say I am part of the JES Tech family. We may be a small company, but we do big things and are making an impact in many areas.

Wanda Thompson, RN, BC, NMCC
Test Subject Screening Lead
Johnson Space Center Clinic

I was fortunate to be in a position where I actually had a choice of several contractors to work for when I left United Space Alliance after 23 years supporting the Shuttle Program. I chose JES Tech because after meeting with Bobbie, Keith and Nellie I could tell JES was a company that had character, honor and integrity. In my 4 plus years working for JES, I have never regretted that decision. I have never seen JES compromise their principles to make a dime and believe they truly care about each and every employee.

Ross Driver
Management Integration Officer

Having been employed by JES Tech for over 10 years, I have seen the company grow, but it has not lost sight of the employees as individuals. The JES Tech personnel are always open to any concerns I might have and readily consider any suggestions that employees make. I feel that JES Tech treats each employee with professionalism and a positive attitude, which contributes to a winning team effort in each endeavor.

Linda Byrd
Test Subject Screening Nurse
Johnson Space Center Clinic

Starting with JES Tech was one of the best decisions I made in my professional career. The company has encouraged my growth and has supported both my personal and professional goals with love and appreciation. I’ve never regretted one minute with this company!

LaRona Smith, MSN, RN
Clinic Administration
Johnson Space Center Clinic

I have been on the Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) contract and Johnson Space Center since 1985 and since then I have worked for numerous companies under the S&MA contract. All of the contract companies were well-recognized, and then JES Tech acquired the contract. Not knowing who JES Tech was, I began to do some research. What I found in doing the research was that JES Tech was a small, growing company with decent benefits, but I still wondered what this company was all about. During the process of transferring over to JES Tech I was interviewed by the Owner and the Operations Manager—and from that point on, we were on a first name basis. At other companies, I was only known by my employee number, but with JES Tech I am known by name. I’ve worked for JES Tech for five years now and I can list a host of positives and incentives with no negatives that I can think of. JES Tech is by far the best company that I have worked for in my working career as well as under the S&MA contract at Johnson Space Center.

Michael Justice
Lead Quality Assurance Specialist
Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering – Quality

I’ve really enjoyed working for JES Tech these past 10 years. It’s been my pleasure to work with such great upper management both professionally and personally. They treat their employees very honorably and respectfully.

Jill Chambers-Blehm
Quality Assurance Records Center Lead
Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering – Quality

I want to express my gratitude to JES Tech management for recognizing Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory employees with awards when they have performed work that goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to the NASA customer. I appreciate working in such a positive environment. This recognition of employee efforts is one reason there is so little employee turnover, and why employees are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities for JES Tech.

Diane DeKerlegand, MT (ASCP)
Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory Lead
Johnson Space Center Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory

JES Tech is like family. Being able to learn and grow here has been a blessing and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. It’s difficult to see what’s happening every single day when your employees work in different locations. JES Tech does a wonderful job staying in close contact, just to say, “Hi, How are you? How’s your life? Is everything ok here? Do you need anything?” I know they have my best interest in mind and I’m not forgotten.

Jayme Sliger
Quality Assurance Records
Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering – Quality

From the president down through management they are always concerned about their employees. When contract requirements changed they negotiated for the best options for the new contract. JES Tech is one of the best companies I have worked for. They have provided great support to their employees and are always looking for ways to provide the best benefits and relationships possible.

Clarence Farrow
Quality Assurance Specialist
Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering – Quality

Beyond these important people skills, JES Tech is an ambitious, forward-thinking organization that works tirelessly to secure new business and to serve its current customers. With their vision, ambition, and integrity, JES Tech will continue to be an exemplary contractor and desirable employer in the aerospace industry.

Kirk English, PhD
Exercise Physiology and Countermeasures

The true character of the company shows consistently in every encounter whether that be via emails, phone, a festive company party, a formal review, or casual run in at grocery or home improvement store. Partnerships with local companies that give back like toy collections for children in foster homes are icing on the cake. I sincerely appreciate JES Tech’s project management style and professionalism. Every member of the JES Tech team goes above and beyond, exemplifying leadership particularly when it comes to clear communication during times of transition, in fostering mutual respect by leading through example, and in generously giving back to both employees and community. It is a real pleasure and honor to serve under JES Tech’s mentorship.

Kimberlee Jadwick
Crew Health Care System Countermeasures System Instructor
Biomedical Operations and Training