May 20, 2020 – JES Tech Awarded 2020 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award. The U.S. SBA named JES Tech the 2020 Small Business Subcontractor of the Year for Region 6.

The SBA is split into 10 U.S. regions; Texas falls within Region 6. JES Tech was nominated for this prestigious award by KBR. SBA Deputy Associate Administrator, Barbara E. Carson stated, “Your hard work, innovative ideas, and dedication to your community have helped you succeed. The SBA is pleased to recognize your achievements and your role in driving our nation’s economic growth.”

April 22, 2020 – JES Tech Awarded the 2019 NASA Agency-wide Protégé of the Year. This award is in relation to the NASA Agency-wide Mentor-Protégé Agreement of the Year, which was presented to the KBR-JES Tech Mentor-Protégé Agreement team. The team was recognized for the remarkable growth and technical development JES Tech has achieved as a Protégé, which has significantly enhanced support to NASA’s mission. JES Tech notably expanded core technical capabilities to strengthen their specialty in occupational medicine and laboratory support services.

November 18, 2019 – JES Tech Awarded the 2019 NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Protégé of the Year. This NASA center-level award is in relation to the NASA JSC Mentor-Protégé of the Year Award; presented to KBR (Mentor) and JES Tech (Protégé) for their team’s significant accomplishments related to the KBR-JES Tech Mentor-Protégé Agreement.

The NASA Office of Small Business Program’s Mentor-Protégé Program encourages NASA prime contractors to assist and mentor eligible small companies (Protégés) to enhance the Protégé’s capabilities. This achieved by the two companies entering into a formal Mentor-Protégé Agreement. The MPP promotes the Protégé’s business development, which helps increase contract and subcontract award opportunities. JES Tech is a subcontractor to KBR on the NASA JSC Human Health and Performance Contract (HHPC), in Houston, Texas. JES Tech provides clinical, science, research, and engineering support on HHPC.

April 5, 2019 – NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Safety Mission Assurance Engineering Contract II (SMAEC II) Awarded. JES Tech is on the SAIC team, who successfully won the JSC SMAEC II contract, based in Houston, Texas. SMAEC II provides safety engineering, reliability, quality engineering, quality assurance, and software assurance support for NASA programs and projects, including the International Space Station, Orion, Commercial Crew Programs, and the Extravehicular Activity Project Office. JES Tech will provide Quality Assurance Inspection and Quality Assurance Record Center support. The SMAEC II contract start date is June 1, 2019.

November 5, 2018 – U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) Contract Awarded. JES Tech is a subcontractor to KBRwyle, who was awarded the POTFF contract. The team plans to leverage its expertise from the Human Health Performance Contract (HHPC) to accomplish the POTFF mission. POTFF supports the U.S. Special Operations Command by delivering a holistic approach to address the unique demands faced by the Special Operations Force (SOF) and their families. JES Tech will provide Nurse Case Management services to deliver treatment planning and coordination to ensure continuity of care for the SOF. JES Tech is honored to be a part of the extraordinary team supplying such critical support for SOF and their families. POTFF contract start dates is March 1, 2019.