About Us

We believe there are two keys to our long-term success – taking care of our customers and honoring our employees. Uncompromising customer service has remained at the center of JES Tech’s mission. Solving problems, consistently accomplishing customer requirements, and going the extra mile are a few ways we seek to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Developing sincere relationships with employees through consistent interaction that fosters mutual respect is a significant distinction our employees communicate regarding their JES Tech experience. Our commitment to employees is complimented by the quality of our benefits package which includes health, dental, and vision insurance, generous company matching component for retirement savings, and competitive terms for tuition reimbursement.

Our Expertise

JES Tech provides program management expertise and diverse professional services with a defining emphasis on providing excellent services. Combining passion for people with a gift for achieving outstanding customer service, JES Tech is ready to help your organization succeed.

Experience on complex government programs such as Orion and the International Space Station (ISS) has facilitated the development of reliable, proven business processes and methodologies.

  • Demonstrated ability to achieve outstanding customer success
  • Experienced management team
  • Proven business processes
  • Web-based management tools
  • Government and Industry contracting knowledge
  • Small company responsiveness and flexibility

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver exceptional value for our clients through cost-effective management solutions with uncompromising customer service, and to treat our employees respectfully, with the goal of offering unparalleled opportunities for career growth.

Vision Statement

To be the contractor of choice for federal agencies seeking clinical, scientific, and engineering support services.

FAR 52.223-22 Public Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals-Representation (Dec 2016)

JES Tech provides Occupational, Science, Engineering, and Quality support services and as such does not generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. The company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 5% per year.