Quality & Engineering Support

Our proficiency in quality and engineering support stems from a wide array of expertise spanning from technical to administrative services for government agencies. We are accomplished in the areas of Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Administrative, and Logistics services –all of which are essential to provide successful customer operations by reducing risks and costs, maintaining standards, streamlining processes, and accurately disseminating technical information.

Quality Assurance

We provide Quality Assurance surveillance and verification inspection by collaborating with engineering, manufacturing, safety, and other technical professionals to certify safety and compliance of specifications throughout the production and testing processes. Our experience includes quality assurance of large spacecraft systems and high bay water immersion to simulate the space environment. We manage quality records from initial logging and entry, through the archiving and retrieval process.

  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Quality Assurance Receiving Inspection
  • Quality Assurance Records Management

Configuration Management

Our team provides configuration management (CM) to build optimal visibility and accountability for items under configuration control. We work closely with our customers to baseline requirements, then develop, implement, track, and provide governance over configured items. To ensure successful CM implementation, we collaborate with our customers to manage planning and integration.

  • Configuration Management
  • Document Management
  • Configuration Control Board Support

Administrative Services

We offer a diverse range of administrative services to our customers, specializing in technical writing and meeting coordination support. Areas we have significant strength providing technical writing include safety, payload safety, reliability and maintainability, and software quality. Meeting support includes services such as scheduling, planning, tracking attendees and visitors, and web conferencing.

  • Technical Writing
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Meeting Support
  • Database Administration
  • Document Imaging


We have excelled in the area of logistics since our company inception. Proficient logistical operations are critical to reduce cost and increase productivity. We implement a streamlined and effective storage and inventory system for incoming and excessed goods, raw materials, and property. Our team works closely with quality and engineering personnel to assure efficient processes are maintained to accommodate production requirements.

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Bond Room Operations
  • Property Management
  • Inventory Management