We have a solid corporate infrastructure with contract and program management teams possessing comprehensive experience managing highly technical, scientific, and administrative federal government contracts. Our contract and program management teams assure tasks are staffed and services are accomplished to meet requirements.

Program Management & Administration

We consistently maintain communication with our employees and customers to ensure contract and program requirements and goals are fulfilled. We stay informed of customer requirements updates, initiatives, and concerns in order to be positioned to make adjustments to mitigate risks, execute strategies, and implement plans to manage our contracts while remaining attentive of customer needs. Our proactive approach allows us to successfully execute operational and developmental projects and activities per negotiated schedules within project, task order, and contractual budgets.

Contract Management & Administration

We have a customer service-driven approach to contract management and administration, which serves as our foundation to effectively administer government contracts. We deliver superior performance through in-depth knowledge and experience meeting requirements for federal contract compliance, timekeeping, and financial reporting. We provide cost management reporting, maintain DCAA compliant reporting systems, and implement policies that are compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulations, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Service Contract Act.