29 Mar 2016
March 29, 2016

I began working at JES Tech just a few months after they got started. I currently perform the pre-, in- and post-flight renal stone risk assessments on all crewmembers as well as analyze water samples, including those from the International Space Station, for mineral content and organic contamination.

What started as a small start-up company composed of logistics personnel, nurses and scientists, has become a leader in scientific support at the Johnson Space Center without the bureaucracy of a large company. By design, JES Tech covers a wide range of interest and expertise, and our company size allows us to be flexible and responsive to our client. The JES Tech management team has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had while allowing me to work independently and without restriction.

My career has gone through a few phases during my time here, and I have evolved into a better more complete scientist. Opportunities have arisen elsewhere, but I have always felt the grass remains greener, and the future brighter, where I currently am at JES Tech.

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